The Possibility of Everywhere: 

From Casablanca to Oklahoma City, from Kathmandu to Timbuktu and Beyond

The Possibility of Everywhere, my upcoming novel, is the story of one woman’s odyssey to summon her personal significance while trekking the globe. The heroine of this globetrotting adventure story, Cindy Hollingsworth, is discovering the rise of feminine power and possibility everywhere she roams, whether it is Casablanca, Kathmandu, Timbuktu or Oklahoma City. 

As a precocious child in Casablanca, Cindy believed all horizons were open to her—until one crushing day her father shuts her out, sending the message that his was a world reserved for men—and hers was a world with a map for invisibility and inferiority. All Cindy’s hopes for a significant life were dashed, along with trust in her own power.

Whether as a wide-eyed Oklahoma college girl encountering the mysticism of duende and Saint Teresa of Avila in Spain or as a high-flying Pan Am stewardess touring the tombs of Isis in Egypt, Cindy awakens to the divine feminine and finds it to be a healing balm. In Nepal and Kenya and Ecuador, in the eyes of Kali, in women’s words spoken beneath a mango tree, in the creative force of Andean Pachamama, even along the backroads of the USA—something unmistakable is happening. Women are rising from Himalayan villages, from mud-hut studded savannas, from their shops and their cubicles, rising with strong voices and wild hearts.

Yet there is a power that wants to crush the emergence. When the international Seeds of Change women’s empowerment program Cindy created is cruelly dismantled, Cindy must claim the healing balm for herself. She finds it’s right in her midst—in her own country, inside herself and in her own husband’s aching heart. It’s not the rise of the feminine alone that will heal the world, but the union of the restored feminine with the healed masculine.

As a mother, a grandmother, a widow, a writer and a wild, wise woman, I drew from an impulse to share the healing force I found in the midst of the chaos, confusion and suffering around the world that impacts each of us as well as Mother Earth, our creator and sustainer.

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